In the heart of Tuscany's centuries-old wine country, the satyr lords protect ancient secrets.

Reviews for Dane

Many thanks to these reviewers for taking time to read and review DANE! ~ EA

RT Book Reviews TOP PICK! 4.5 stars
DANE will enrapture … Amber is truly a maestro of molding historical romance… DANE is so palpable to the senses that readers will certainly clamor for more.”
—Robin R. Pendleton, RT Book Reviews

5 stars, Recommended Read
“Wow! Elizabeth Amber has outdone herself with the latest book featuring The Lords of Satyr! DANE is not only one sexy, hot read, it also features a fabulous mystery. In fact, DANE is my favorite book to date in this series… The myths and legends of ElseWorld only get more intriguing with each installment … And whew, what more can be said about the sex scenes between two satyrs other than they are steamy hot and full of passion! DANE is nothing short of outstanding!
—Anne, Kwips & Kritiques

Grade A
“Intriguing, emotional, and erotic” “. . . Eva and Dane are incredibly hot! . . . I desperately wanted to know how Dane and Eva ended up together at the conclusion of their emotional, twist-turning tale. . . . The intrigue of the story blended perfectly with the erotic scenes, leaving me supremely happy with the complexity and intensity of this book. Although DANE is part of the Lords of Satyr series, the book will be easy to understand for those new to the series, but fans are guaranteed to love this new installment. The series has definitely been expanded and I look forward to seeing how the world progresses. Give me more!
—Katie,, reviewing for Paranormal Romance Reviews (PNR)

5 Stars
“Ms. Amber continues her Lords of Satyr series with some stunning revelations, memorable characters, and in depth subplots which ensure readers’ enjoyment throughout the entire book. The Lords of Satyr series delivers a paranormal storyline, set in an historical setting as well as a suspenseful element so you’re never quite sure what will happen next. One thing is for certain though; you’ll find it impossible to put this book down before it reaches its conclusion and will definitely look forward to the next release.”
—Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

Top Pick!
The Satyr series has been one of my favorites from the beginning. Each books is very much a unique piece of art and when you first get a glimpse into its pages you will be astounded at what you find. These are not for the faint of heart as many topics discussed and situations experienced are graphic. But if you are willing to go outside the box you are in for the thrill of your life. Ms. Amber doesn’t hold back, she is a master at crafting believable characters who you will cheer for as they solve mysteries and find true love.”
—Tammie, Night Owl Reviews

4.5 Stars
“Not since her first novel Nicholas have I been so ‘wowed.’ If you love this series you will enjoy this book as it brings a new emotional depth to the Satyrs that I found fascinating, I’m so glad Dane has more brothers to read about. (I specifically would like to know about Dane’s kidnapped brother—Hint!) Fresh and always original I am enthralled and bedazzled by this vibrant and sexy paranormal series.
—Stephanie, Bookaholics Romance Book Club

5 Stars
“Elizabeth Amber draws you into her magical world with each book and DANE is no exception. The twist and turns are wonderful to discover. DANE kept me on the edge of my seat to find out what happens next. I couldn’t stop reading. Eva is so complicated and has a big heart. It is easy to see why Dane falls for her. Dane is so hard on himself and so loyal. He’s just what Eva needs. The ending was perfect and made me very happy. I can’t wait for the next Satyr book.”
—Jambrea, Joyfully Reviewed

5 Flowers
“Dane little by little becomes more of himself with Eva, their encounters are so incredibly erotically delicious and the intensity of every encounter the reader is swept deeper and deeper into their world. With two sexually charged Satyrs the dynamics between the two are exciting and intense… Elizabeth Amber pens another great tale of the Lords of the Satyrs, with drama and passion the story explodes onto the pages and ensnares the reader into their world. Amber has such a unique way of creating characters with such depth and feverish excitement that the riveting emotional journey in which Eva and Dane made just makes the characters come alive.”
—Brande, Book Junkie

4.5 Flaming Hearts
“This book has something for everyone, romance, sex, drama and intrigue. The Satyr series grown since it began with more complex storylines. The characters are deeper with multiple layers with insecurities like everyone else has. Eva is hiding her true nature and Dane is hiding behind his other personalities based on events in his past. I love this series and definitely recommend it to everyone.
—Heather, Everybody Needs A Little Romance

Another smash hit for Elizabeth Amber’s latest in her Lords of Satyr series. DANE is full of everything needed to keep the pages turning. As in all her Satyr books Ms. Amber writes some of the best erotic scenes and takes us on a journey into a wonderful world of fantasy. DANE is a great beginning to the next generation of Satyr Lords.
—Annette, Fresh Fiction

“A childhood mystery and secrets abound in this super, sexy story with memorable characters that leaves readers excited for the next installment… This is a very steamy read with strong-willed characters and an intriguing mystery. The villains are truly vile and their cruelty is cringe-worthy. The story is fast-paced and has your heart pumping during the final chapters. The ending promises more to come by leaving some very interesting questions unanswered and with three handsome brothers still to tell their own story, you’ll definitely want to pick up the next Lords of Satyr book.”
—Jody, The Season

Paranormal Romance Reviews (PNR)
“Return to the World of the Satyrs, a must read!! Elizabeth Amber continues her Lords of Satyr series with another great read. Dane and Eva fill the pages with romance, intrigue and hot sex. She gives us a story of another Satyr vulnerable to the hardships he has had to endure and gives him a strong woman to help him fight his past. Dane and Eva live up to all their predecessors in the series, I could not put it down. Looking forward to the next two books based on Dane’s brothers and any others written by this wonderful author who takes us into a different realm.”
—Annette Stone, Paranormal Romance Reviews (PNR)