In the heart of Tuscany's centuries-old wine country, the satyr lords protect ancient secrets.

Reviews for Lyon

Lyon is now in a 4th printing!

5 cups
Oh wow, just when I thought the series could not get any better, Elizabeth Amber really out does herself with LYON. The ingenious plot of this storyline kept me on the edge-of-my-seat. . . .There were twists and turns that sent chills . . . in-depth characters emitting a wide range of emotions that reach out and grab the reader. . . an extraordinary read.”
—Cherokee, CoffeeTime Romance

“LYON, the highly anticipated third book of the Lords of Satyr series is well worth the wait. Filled with romance, intrigue, and suspense, LYON is a thrilling read from start to finish. Wildly imaginative and wickedly erotic, this book will keep readers feverishly turning the pages…Elizabeth Amber has done a fantastic job bringing this series to life and LYON is without a doubt one of the most “unputdownable” books of the year!
—Sonya Harrison, Parnanormal Romance Reviews

5 stars
“. . .smoking hot series . . . Her [Elizabeth Amber’s] skill at creating both a captivating world and multidimensional characters makes LYON stand out in the genre.
LYON is highly recommended!”
—Anne, Kwips & Kritiques

5 stars
“This entire series has blown me away. Ms. Amber’s ability to set the stage and take this reader through emotional highs and lows, plot twists and turns, villains and sensational sex is phenomenal. I truly had the feeling I was watching the book unfold right before my eyes. The Lords of Satyr LYON is action packed and fast paced. I was totally entranced by all the surprises Lyon and Juliette endured. All three books have been well written and the characters are larger than life. I can’t say enough about the talent Ms. Amber has shown with this series. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to wait until the next book. I highly recommend the entire The Lords of Satyr series.
—Julianne, TwoLips Reviews

5 Stars
“. . . a compelling paranormal romance set in historical Paris and Italy. With fascinating characters guaranteed to capture the heart from page one, this sexy and suspenseful romance is much more than the sum of its parts—it is a story that will stay with this reviewer for a long time to come.”
—Jennifer Ray, Wild on Books

TOP PICK, 5 Stars
“Just the mention of an Elizabeth Amber book has me on high alert. Since reading her first book NICOLAS: THE LORDS OF SATYR, the first book in the series, I’ve been hooked on this wonderful author’s work. If you like your books more than spicy and with lots of surprises and oh my’s you will want to pick up this series. . . LYON was a hot and tantalizing addition that has me craving the next book, Dominic.”
—Tammie King, Night Owl Romance

5 Blue Ribbons
“The LORDS OF SATYR series has completely enchanted me since the very beginning. Each story is so different and full of unexpected events . . . Elizabeth Amber brings mythological creatures to life in a historical setting with delicious results and I, for one, couldn’t wait for each new addition to this series. Fortunately there will be at least one more book in this series, DOMINIC, will be released in March 2009.”
—Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

“In her untamed and highly erotic voice, Ms. Amber once again gives the readers a scorching historical paranormal novel unrivaled. The storyline. . . is extremely original and the brothers Satyr are as sexy as any reader could dream of. Overall, this novel is what erotic historical paranormal excellence is all about.”
—Janalee Ruschhaupt, Parnanormal Romance Reviews

4 Stars
“The last installment in the Lords of Satyr trilogy is also the most complex characterwise. Amber depicts a dark side of 19th century Paris that will chill the reader to the bone—even as she’s cheering on the hero and heroine to their happily-ever-after ending.”
—Rhomylly Forbes, Romantic Times BOOKReviews

A+ Outstanding Read
“LYON: THE LORDS OF SATYR is not one to be missed. Whether this is your first introduction to Elizabeth Amber’s stories or you’re a die hard fan you will love this story. Filled with smoldering passion, suspense, and enough twists to tie you up in knots, this is summer reading at its pinnacle.”
—Lynda, Simply Romance Reviews

5 Sundaes
“. . . going on my keeper shelf, right next to the first two books. I can’t wait to get my hands on the fourth (and final?) book in this series. Way to go, Ms. Amber, this book is a definite winner.”
—Viscaria, Whipped Cream

LYON in Publisher’s Weekly Magazine!
“These genres are so hot…that there’s some serious cross-pollination going on—especially among historicals and paranormal. Kensington author Elizabeth Amber’s Lords of Satyr trilogy (including the final installment, LYON: THE LORDS OF SATYR, due in August) combines these subgenres—and has gone back to press three times.
The New E- in Erotica: Digital delivery helps boost the readership and sales by Sarah J. Robbins, Publishers Weekly, 6/23/2008

LYON is a Fresh Pick at in September 2008!

4.5 stars
“There is an amazing talent and an excellence in Elizabeth Amber’s writing, she knows how to built up a story as a novel as well as a series, so I’m blissfully happy knowing another novel in the Lords of Satyr series will be released. I can’t wait till DOMINIC will be released! I’d say it’s safe to say I was yet again was swept off my feet; the Satyr-world got a permanent space in my reader’s heart. . . Amazingly hot and wickedly erotic.
—Natascha, Realms on our Bookshelves in Berlin, Germany