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The latest buzz on the Satyr Lords:
, Raine, Lyon, Dominic, Dane :

"This is bold and courageous storytelling. Amber grabs readers by the libido and connects them with empathy to her characters' deepest emotional and sexual needs."
-- Michelle Buonfiglio, myLifetime.com
on The Lords of Satyr series


Nicholas is now enjoying its 8th reprinting!


* FIRST PLACE WINNER in JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER (single title category, 2008) *
as judged by representatives of Borders Books and other wonderful booksellers!

See the announcement in the inside front cover of RWA's April 2008 magazine.

FIRST PLACE WINNER of the First Coast Romance Writers, 2008 Beacon Contest – Erotic Romance category

Passionate Plume (Passionate Ink, historical category, THIRD PLACE)

Holt Medallion Merit Award, spicy category, Virginia RWA

Nicholas has also been named a finalist in these 2008 contests:
Colorado RWA Award of Excellence
Wisconsin RWA Write Touch Readers Award
NRCA  national readers choice awards finalist (erotic romance)
NRCA  national readers choice awards finalist (best first novel)
Aspen Gold (Colorado RWA)


Nicholas makes the Nielsen BookScan list of Top 100 best-selling
romance books during its first week in publication!


"A well-written story with enough variety in the sexual situations to satisfy just about any reader. The characters are complex and intriguing and the leading man is the sexiest one this reader has seen in a long time! The author has cleverly set the stage for at least two sequels in the Lords of Satyr series and based on this book, they will be something to look forward to. Readers who like a little non-vanilla sex and a lot of paranormal elements with their romance will not be disappointed.
-- Romantic Times Book Revi
ews (August 2007 issue)

" Ms. Amber gives great depth to her characters and the dialogues are smooth and natural. Everything about this story and the elements within worked. . . a wonderful book that did not disappoint!"
-- Paranormal Romance Reviews

"I really didn’t want this book to end, and when I finished I knew that this book would stay with me for a while. This is one you don’t want to miss."
-- TwoLips Reviews
(5 lips; Reviewer's Choice Recommended Read - Julianne)

"The sexual aspects of this book are highly erotic, and kept me spellbound and wanting more. . .keeps hold of your heart and mind. Nicholas is a definite Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read for me."
-- Joyfully Reviewed (a Recommended Read - Amelia)

"Both Nicholas and Jane are well-matched, though it took a delicious tension-filled while for them to figure it out.  There is a villainess to surpass all villains, and more supporting villains that fit into the story neatly.  Although the plot was interesting, complete with a satisfying climactic ending, the characters are what brought the story to life.   It was well-paced - it's engrossing and easy to read in one sitting. . . the sex is knock-out hot . . . sure to please any erotica fan."
-- Just Erotic Romance Reviews ("O", their highest rating for hotness)

"A well-written story with enough variety in the sexual situations to satisfy just about any reader. The characters are complex and intriguing and the leading man is the sexiest one this reader has seen in a long time! The author has cleverly set the stage for at least two sequels in the Lords of Satyr series and based on this book, they will be something to look forward to. Readers who like a little non-vanilla sex and a lot of paranormal elements with their romance will not be disappointed.
-- Romantic Times Book Revi
ews (August 2007 issue)

Elizabeth Amber's Nicholas, The Lords of Satyr has taken a place on my top ten favorite erotic books list.. . . a double thumbs up.
-- Night Owl Romance (Tammie, 5 stars)

"I have to admit, Nicholas left me wanting - wanting the next book in this wonderful new series, that is! . . . If you enjoy Paranormal Fantasy Romances set in a Historical period, then you will definitely want to pick up a copy of this one very soon!
CK2S Kwips & Kritiques/Wild On Books (4.5 Klovers; 5 stars on Amazon.com - Jennifer Ray)

"I couldn't put this book down until I finished every delightfully wicked page! I loved the mythological beings that were depicted throughout this book and the spell that Ms. Amber seems to weave through each page so that you felt like you were really there watching as each scene played out. The characters are genuinely memorable - even the ones you dislike prove to be unforgettable . . . Beautifully written Ms. Amber!
-- Romance Junkies (5 stars, Chrissy Dionne)

". . .This is a really hot relationship with enough eroticism to satisfy the erotica lovers including multiple partners. It is a plus that there is a strong storyline with a very nasty villainess – one of the worst that this reader has come upon. Nicholas: The Lords of Satyr is the first book in this series by Ms. Amber. There is much world building and it will surely be embellished in further books as each of the brothers will have their own story. This is a page turner from start to finish! Turn on the air conditioner or fan and enjoy!"
-- Fallen Angel Reviews

" a steamy, hot tale that scorches the pages. Her imagination skyrockets in this energizing story. I am anxious to read Raine’s and Lyon’s tales."
-- Coffee Time Romance

"Prepare to be enraptured . . . Ignited by sensuous characters, the erotic sexuality sears each page, fanning the flames of a highly intense plot."
-- Romance at Heart Magazine - Pamela

"When I first start reading Elizabeth Amber's book “Nicholas”, I was not sure about it. As I read onwards mind started to change and I started wanting to keep reading. I have never read a book like this before. Mrs. Amber's writing takes hold of you and immerses you into her wonderful world of fairies and mythological characters. Wonderfully written Elizabeth and I look forward to reading more of your wonderful books."
-- Raven Kelly, http://vampiressca.blogspot.com/

Nicholas is featured in Publishers Weekly
Excerpted from an article titled "Posh Packages and Deluxe Deliveries: Getting readers what they want in erotica" by Bethanne Kelly Patrick (July 9, 2007 issue)

"Kensington’s LaFehr says that paranormal erotic stories are “really, really popular; it’s another world, and the rules of otherworldly societies are completely different—you don’t have to worry about safe sex!” One of her favorite titles for this fall is Nicholas: The Lords of Satyr, the first in a trilogy by Elizabeth Amber. “What I am actually most excited about is that Amber combines historical and paranormal elements, setting a book in 18th-century Tuscany starring satyr lords with wild, wild rituals."


Raine is now in a 5th printing!

Yay! Raine just made Michelle Buonfiglio's list of The Best Romance Reads of 2008 at Romance B(u)y the Book and received the RBTB VANGUARD AWARD.
"This erotic romance presents with empaty and intelligent fluidity of sexuality and sensuality within the central love story." -- Michelle Buonfiglio

“One of the the strongest heroines I have ever read . . . great, erotic sex. ”
-- TwoLips Reviews (5 lips, Recommended Read - Julianne)

“. . . without question the best historical paranormal erotic romance this reviewer has ever read.. . .This is a must read book for 2008!”
--  ParaNormal Romance reviews (- Janalee)

"Wowza. What a brave and amazing book! -- Michelle Buonfiglio, myLifetime.com

“Two thumbs up for another sensual read that will be gracing my keeper shelf.” -- Night Owl Romance (Top Pick - Tammie)

“ . . . a trip back to the land of Satyr, where things are not always as they seem, and everything has more than a touch of magic.”
-- Joyfully Reviewed (Recommended Read - Amelia)

“This storyline went far above my expectations and encompasses all the passion, suspense, and mystical wonders I so enjoyed in the first book.”
--  Romance Junkies (5 ribbons - Chrissy)

"The sex scenes are varied and well written, and the heroine's unusual physical features add a spicy element to this hot read . . . Amber has done another fine job of blending good storytelling, excellent sex and happily-ever-after romance."
-- Romantic Times Book Reviews
(Rhomylly Forbes)

"I ended my review of Elizabeth Amber’s previous book in this series, Nicholas: The Lords of Satyr, saying that it left me wanting the next book in the series.  I can avow with no small certainty that Raine: The Lords of Satyr not only lived up to my expectations, but managed to surprise me in ways I could never have imagined!"
-- CK2S Kwips & Kritiques; Wild On Books (Jennifer Ray, 4.5 stars)

"Superb.  Ms. Amber does a tremendous job of creating mythical creatures that you come to care about.  Jordan will touch your heart, with all the emotion and pain she has been through before she has even met Raine. . . .
Very erotic sex scenes that will singe your eyebrows, while you love every minute of it . . ."
-- Coffeetime Romance (Wateena)

"I highly recommend this story, as it will keep the reader completely engrossed in the pages from the start."
-- The Romance Studio (5 hearts - Sandra)

"You won’t want to miss one passionate word."
-- Simply Romance Reviews (Grade A+ - Lynda)

"This book was so well-written that I had to make myself put it down in order to deal with everyday responsibilities! You know, those pesky things like eating, feeding my kids, laundry… nothing important! But, in all seriousness, Ms. Amber has another stunningly erotic tale that will leave you completely invested in her characters’ happiness. I breathlessly await the third brother, Lyon’s tale."
-- Whipped Cream (5 stars - Viscaria)


Lyon is now in a 4th printing!

5 cups - CoffeeTime Romance (Cherokee)
"Oh wow, just when I thought the series could not get any better, Elizabeth Amber really out does herself with Lyon. The ingenious plot of this storyline kept me on the edge-of-my-seat. . . .There were twists and turns that sent chills . . . in-depth characters emitting a wide range of emotions that reach out and grab the reader. . . an extraordinary read."

TOP PICK - Parnanormal Romance Reviews (Sonya Harrison)
"LYON, the highly anticipated third book of the LORDS OF SATYR series is well worth the wait. Filled with romance, intrigue, and suspense, LYON is a thrilling read from start to finish. Wildly imaginative and wickedly erotic, this book will keep readers feverishly turning the pages...Elizabeth Amber has done a fantastic job bringing this series to life and LYON is without a doubt one of the most "unputdownable" books of the year!

5 stars - Kwips & Kritiques (Anne)
". . .smoking hot series . . . Her [Elizabeth Amber's] skill at creating both a captivating world and multidimensional characters makes LYON stand out in the genre.
LYON is highly recommended!"

5 stars - TwoLips Reviews (Julianne)
"This entire series has blown me away. Ms. Amber’s ability to set the stage and take this reader through emotional highs and lows, plot twists and turns, villains and sensational sex is phenomenal. I truly had the feeling I was watching the book unfold right before my eyes. The Lords of Satyr Lyon is action packed and fast paced. I was totally entranced by all the surprises Lyon and Juliette endured. All three books have been well written and the characters are larger than life. I can’t say enough about the talent Ms. Amber has shown with this series. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to wait until the next book. I highly recommend the entire The Lords of Satyr series."

5 Stars - Wild On Books (Jennifer Ray)
". . . a compelling paranormal romance set in historical Paris and Italy. With fascinating characters guaranteed to capture the heart from page one, this sexy and suspenseful romance is much more than the sum of its parts – it is a story that will stay with this reviewer for a long time to come."

TOP PICK, 5 Stars - Night Owl Romance (Tammie King)
"Just the mention of an Elizabeth Amber book has me on high alert. Since reading her first book Nicholas: The Lords of Satyr, the first book in the series, I've been hooked on this wonderful author's work. If you like your books more than spicy and with lots of surprises and oh my's you will want to pick up this series. . . Lyon was a hot and tantalizing addition that has me craving the next book, Dominic."

5 Blue Ribbons - Romance Junkies (Chrissy Dionne)
The LORDS OF SATYR series has completely enchanted me since the very beginning. Each story is so different and full of unexpected events . . . Elizabeth Amber brings mythological creatures to life in a historical setting with delicious results and I, for one, couldn’t wait for each new addition to this series. Fortunately there will be at least one more book in this series, DOMINIC, will be released in March 2009."

Parnanormal Romance Reviews (Janalee Ruschhaupt, unrated)
"In her untamed and highly erotic voice, Ms. Amber once again gives the readers a scorching historical paranormal novel unrivaled. The storyline. . . is extremely original and the brothers Satyr are as sexy as any reader could dream of. Overall, this novel is what erotic historical paranormal excellence is all about."

4 Stars - Romantic Times BOOKReviews (Rhomylly Forbes)
"The last installment in the Lords of Satyr trilogy is also the most complex characterwise. Amber depicts a dark side of 19th century Paris that will chill the reader to the bone -- even as she's cheering on the hero and heroine to their happily-ever-after ending."

A+ Outstanding Read - Simply Romance Reviews (Lynda)
" Lyon: The Lords of Satyr is not one to be missed. Whether this is your first introduction to Elizabeth Amber’s stories or you’re a die hard fan you will love this story. Filled with smoldering passion, suspense, and enough twists to tie you up in knots, this is summer reading at its pinnacle."

5 Sundaes - Whipped Cream (Viscaria)
". . . going on my keeper shelf, right next to the first two books. I can’t wait to get my hands on the fourth (and final?) book in this series. Way to go, Ms. Amber, this book is a definite winner."

LYON in Publisher's Weekly Magazine!
The New E- in Erotica: Digital delivery helps boost the readership and sales.
by Sarah J. Robbins -- Publishers Weekly, 6/23/2008
"These genres are so hot...that there's some serious cross-pollination going on—especially among historicals and paranormal. Kensington author Elizabeth Amber's Lords of Satyr trilogy (including the final installment, Lyon: The Lords of Satyr, due in August) combines these subgenres—and has gone back to press three times.

LYON is a Fresh Pick at FreshFiction.com in September 2008!

4.5 stars - Realms on our Bookshelves in Berlin, Germany (Natascha)
"There is an amazing talent and an excellence in Elizabeth Amber’s writing, she knows how to built up a story as a novel as well as a series, so I’m blissfully happy knowing another novel in the Lords of Satyr series will be released. I can’t wait till Dominic will be released! I’d say it’s safe to say I was yet again was swept off my feet; the Satyr-world got a permanent space in my reader’s heart. . . Amazingly hot and wickedly erotic."


5 stars from:
Romance Junkies; Coffeetime Romance; Whipped Cream; Kwips&Kritiques

Top Pick at Paranormal Romance.

On The Today Show! http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/26184891/vp/30133182#30133182

JUNE 2010

Many thanks to these reviewers for taking time to read and review Dane! ~ EA

RT Book Reviews TOP PICK! 4.5 stars
Dane will enrapture … Amber is truly a maestro of molding historical romance…
Dane is so palpable to the senses that readers will certainly clamor for more.

(Robin R. Pendleton, reviewer)

Kwips & Kritiques: 5 stars, Recommended Read
Wow! Elizabeth Amber has outdone herself with the latest book featuring The Lords of Satyr! DANE is not only one sexy, hot read, it also features a fabulous mystery. In fact, DANE is my favorite book to date in this series… The myths and legends of ElseWorld only get more intriguing with each installment ... And whew, what more can be said about the sex scenes between two satyrs other than they are steamy hot and full of passion! DANE is nothing short of outstanding!”

Paranormal Romance Reviews (PNR)
BookingIt.net - Grade A
"Intriguing, emotional, and erotic" “. . . Eva and Dane are incredibly hot! . . . I desperately wanted to know how Dane and Eva ended up together at the conclusion of their emotional, twist-turning tale. . . . The intrigue of the story blended perfectly with the erotic scenes, leaving me supremely happy with the complexity and intensity of this book. Although Dane is part of the Lords of Satyr series, the book will be easy to understand for those new to the series, but fans are guaranteed to love this new installment. The series has definitely been expanded and I look forward to seeing how the world progresses. Give me more!"
http://www.bookingit.net/?p=1087 (Katie)

5 stars ~ Romance Junkies
"Ms. Amber continues her LORDS OF SATYR series with some stunning revelations, memorable characters, and in depth subplots which ensure readers’ enjoyment throughout the entire book. The LORDS OF SATYR series delivers a paranormal storyline, set in an historical setting as well as a suspenseful element so you’re never quite sure what will happen next. One thing is for certain though; you’ll find it impossible to put this book down before it reaches its conclusion and will definitely look forward to the next release." (Chrissy Dionne, reviewer)

Top Pick! ~ Night Owl Reviews
"The Satyr series has been one of my favorites from the beginning. Each books is very much a unique piece of art and when you first get a glimpse into its pages you will be astounded at what you find. These are not for the faint of heart as many topics discussed and situations experienced are graphic. But if you are willing to go outside the box you are in for the thrill of your life. Ms. Amber doesn’t hold back, she is a master at crafting believable characters who you will cheer for as they solve mysteries and find true love." http://www.nightowlreviews.com/NightOwlRomance/reviews/Review.aspx?daoid=6594
(Tammie, reviewer)

4.5 stars ~ Bookaholics Romance Book Club
"Not since her first novel Nicholas have I been so 'wowed.' If you love this series you will enjoy this book as it brings a new emotional depth to the Satyrs that I found fascinating, I'm so glad Dane has more brothers to read about. (I specifically would like to know about Dane's kidnapped brother-Hint!) Fresh and always original I am enthralled and bedazzled by this vibrant and sexy paranormal series." (Stephanie, reviewer)

5 stars ~ Joyfully Reviewed
Elizabeth Amber draws you into her magical world with each book and Dane is no exception. The twist and turns are wonderful to discover. Dane kept me on the edge of my seat to find out what happens next. I couldn't stop reading. Eva is so complicated and has a big heart. It is easy to see why Dane falls for her. Dane is so hard on himself and so loyal. He's just what Eva needs. The ending was perfect and made me very happy. I can't wait for the next Satyr book. (Jambrea, reviewer)

5 Flowers ~ Book Junkie
"Dane little by little becomes more of himself with Eva, their encounters are so incredibly erotically delicious and the intensity of every encounter the reader is swept deeper and deeper into their world. With two sexually charged Satyrs the dynamics between the two are exciting and intense... Elizabeth Amber pens another great tale of the Lords of the Satyrs, with drama and passion the story explodes onto the pages and ensnares the reader into their world. Amber has such a unique way of creating characters with such depth and feverish excitement that the riveting emotional journey in which Eva and Dane made just makes the characters come alive.
(Brande, reviewer)

4..5 Flaming Hearts ~ Everybody Needs A Little Romance
"This book has something for everyone, romance, sex, drama and intrigue. The Satyr series grown since it began with more complex storylines. The characters are deeper with multiple layers with insecurities like everyone else has. Eva is hiding her true nature and Dane is hiding behind his other personalities based on events in his past. I love this series and definitely recommend it to everyone."
(Heather B., reviewer)

Fresh Fiction
Another smash hit for Elizabeth Amber's latest in her Lords of Satyr series. DANE is full of everything needed to keep the pages turning. As in all her Satyr books Ms. Amber writes some of the best erotic scenes and takes us on a journey into a wonderful world of fantasy. DANE is a great beginning to the next generation of Satyr Lords.
http://freshfiction.com/review.php?id=25975 (Annette, reviewer)

The Season
(historical romance releases)

"A childhood mystery and secrets abound in this super, sexy story with memorable characters that leaves readers excited for the next installment...This is a very steamy read with strong-willed characters and an intriguing mystery. The villains are truly vile and their cruelty is cringe-worthy. The story is fast-paced and has your heart pumping during the final chapters. The ending promises more to come by leaving some very interesting questions unanswered and with three handsome brothers still to tell their own story, you’ll definitely want to pick up the next Lords of Satyr book."
(Jody, reviewer)

Paranormal Romance Reviews (PNR)
"Return to the World of the Satyrs, a must read!!" Elizabeth Amber continues her Lords of Satyr series with another great read. Dane and Eva fill the pages with romance, intrigue and hot sex. She gives us a story of another Satyr vulnerable to the hardships he has had to endure and gives him a strong woman to help him fight his past. Dane and Eva live up to all their predecessors in the series, I could not put it down. Looking forward to the next two books based on Dane's brothers and any others written by this wonderful author who takes us into a different realm."
(Annette Stone, reviewer)